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Great purchase!! Researched bikes for months and finally dropped the hammer. The All Terrain R750 is the perfect stealthy hunting machine. Eric is easy to talk too and will set you up with the correct bike you need ! Hunters who want to avoid being patterned often park their vehicles a distance from their stands...

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While he’s not one to brag, Rick’s frames are the go-to choice of riders from the legendary DFL Cross Dress Series to the Cycle Messenger World Championships. They will all tell you the same thing: There is no finer frame than a Hunter. But with a price tag of $2,199, the Cogburn will be a...

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Public Land Access:  While you need to check with local regulations, most public land that is closed to motorized vehicles is open to bikes. If you hunt public land you know getting deeper and getting their faster is key to being successful when hunting among other hunters. Available now to North America, the ST1 e-bike...

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As I thought about this location and several others I have hunted, I began to realize that most of the properties I hunt have a network of access roads that are used by the DNR, and sometimes by farmers who have agreements to plant crops on the property. On that 1.5-mile trek, more than a...

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Rick Hunter designs and builds custom bicycle frames that are made to do everything from racing to hauling cargo to crossing distant hills far from home. He also builds handmade forks, racks, and stems when the mood strikes.  Many veteran mountain bike bowhunters would likely agree that their bike is there most important piece of...

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