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Always carry a working tire pump!  Once I got a flat tire, and when I went to repair it, I found a broken pump. I changed tubes to ones containing “slime,” a leak-sealing agent, and installed a liner between the tire and the tube to prevent punctures. I haven’t had a leak since, but I...

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I started thinking it out. The bike would have to get me around on abandoned roads and pack trails. It didn’t have to be fast but it had to be able to roll over rocks and logs. ALSO it had to be usable as a push-type cargo bike. Let me explain. Hunting is a great...

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I waited patiently as the doe worked its way closer, and when it got to within 20 yards, I placed my top pin just behind its shoulderblade and released my arrow. The broadhead found its mark, and a few minutes later, I was giving thanks for my first kill of the season. For years, ATVs...

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• Extra Battery Pack – Samsung 48V10.4Ah lithium-ion battery delivers up to 19 miles of travel on one charge without pedaling and even more by adding pedaling power. Features a built-in USB port for charging electronic devices. The first order of business: Lose all the shine. After removing all the decals, I lightly sanded the finish...

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Safariland Patrol Bike Safariland partnered with Kona to create the Patrol police bike. We thought its features would ideally serve the hunter and had it custom-painted brown for better concealment. The basic bike features a Kona Racelight Aluminum 7005 frame, hydraulic disc brakes, RockShox front forks, Shimano 30-speed drivetrain, and a solid rear rack. Best...

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I love the CB4 and what it means for future tools that allow me to easily hunt from a bike. I hope https://huntnbike.com means more innovative scabbards, gun racks, frame bags, panniers and trailers designed for hunting. When turkey hunting odor is not an issue but for deer, predators, etc. using an electric bike would...

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At Cogburn Outdoors our goal is for every Cogburn product you purchase to be assembled and fit to the highest standards to ensure the ultimate user experience. We believe that the best resource for helping us deliver on this goal is the local bike shop. While most local bike shops can assist you with a...

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Risk: Biking does add a bit of risk. Walking in most hunting areas is risky much less moving at 10-15 miles per hour with a weapon either mounted on your pack or bike. The key is preparation. While not hunting, bike with a pack or weighed down just like you would if you were hunting,...

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(Note: Despite the humour conveyed in the video, this is actually a true report of trail conditions and will be resolved sometime over the weekend – in the meantime you will need to get off and lift over – hopefully a bit more successfully than these lads) But when trucks, four-wheelers and marching hunters break...

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